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Ideas and objectives

This website , though a virtual Guesthouse, is indeed a real palace in “The Realm of Gold “ , where like the  Symposium of Plato ,intoxicating wines of Beauty , Truth and The Good are served to all . Our Sakis , or Cupbearers  ,  are innumerable wise magus like Rumi and Omar Khayyam or Shakespeare and Withman . Here at The gate of the palace, you hear the bard of Stratford singing:



Under the Greenwood tree

Under the greenwood tree

Who loves to lie with me,

And turn his merry note

Unto the sweet bird’s throat,

Come hither, come hitter, come hitter:

Here shall he see

No enemy

But winter and rough weather.

Who  doth ambition shun,

 And loves to live I’ the sun,

Seeking the food he eats,

And pleased with what he gets,

Come hither, come hither, come hithe:

Here shall he see

No enemy

But winter and rough weather.




Or you hear Omar Khayyam inviting everybody to his rejuvenating wine of wisdom, in a chalice of Persian melodious words or rather in the glorious Victorian goblets of Fitzgerald:


The Grape that can with logic absolute

The two and seventy jarring sects confute:

The subtle Alchemist that in a Trice

Life’s leaden Metal into Gold transmute.





Or you may even encounter Rumi face to face, who lovingly entice you to enter his circle of refined revelry and wine-bibbing:


Join our divine orgy , or  you shall regret ,

For no such merry gathering you shall ever imagine,

Life is seething, Beauty is smiling and spiritual wine is served around.





Walt Withman , The impetuous libertine of the new Continent , is also here to salute you with a universal salutation – Salut au monde:

….I salute all the inhabitants of the Earth:

You , whoever you are,

You , daughter  or son of England

You Beautiful – bodied  Persian

At full speed in the saddle

Shooting arrows to the mark…..





This is a site for high quality pleasures which are; heavenly pleasures, that all can share with no hard competition, no harrowing rivalry, no satiation and no end. The pleasure of being received in audience of a great sage, or a poet of fine frenzy or a calligrapher creating  miraculous enchanting curves that softly caress the skin of your soul.

We believe that the more such intellectual pleasures would flourish in a society , the lower the range of war and crime and brutality shall descend;  for all disgraces of mankind springs from an outrageous passion for pleasures that come from material mundane attachments , which stimulate all such diabolic possessions of Lust , ambition , greed , hatred and inclemency.


We are therefore going to enhance the cause of universal peace and friendship through encouraging people to raise the level of their pleasures to the hight of Beauty, Truth and the Good.

This is our goal, this is our aspiration and ideal and although ideals are like stars that outsoar our reach, yet they can guide our wandering barks to the shores of eternal happiness.

This website is wholly dedicated to eternal values and Perennial Philosophy. We embark our guests on a wondrous frigate called Book:


There is no frigate like a Book

To take us lands away,

Nor any coursers like a Page

Of prancing Poetry.

This traverse may the poorest take

Without oppress of toll;

How frugal is the chariot

That bears the Human soul!

          (Emily Dickinson)



We offer you a list of best and most loved books in the world cultures, and introduce collections of essays from all times and lands around the world; great tragedies and comedies , great novels and short stories and of course great poetry .

Each of the 100 choice books are introduced, evaluated and summed up in a few readable paragraphs followed by selections from the highlights of the books. Furthermore we offer  programs for family or friendly group reading as a guide for all who are ambitious to achieve the heights of world culture.  

Here East and West meet each other, in peace and friendship, each appreciating the other, each commending, and recommending the other. Such is the Realm of Gold.

Then we reconfirm our call and keep the gates of this great palace of art, and wisdom, wide open to lovers and devotees of the temple of beauty and virtue   

Come hither.

Persian Home