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    2. A Study of Islamic Texts in English Translation (University Textbook).1992.SAMT Publication.
    3. Selection from the Conference of Birds (Mantiq-al-Tayr) by Attar (Preface and Commentaries).1994.Elmi-Farhangi Publications Co.
    4. Introduction to Golshan-e-Raz (Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari). 1998.Elmi-Farhangi Publications Co.
    5. Kimia ; Collected Essays, Translations and Introductions (Vol.1-5,8-12):1998-2016.Rowzaneh Publications Co.
    6. Essays on Persian Mystical Literature. Poetics and Aesthetics. 1999.Rowzaneh Publications Co.
    7. The Prophet (Translation from Gibran Khalil).1999.Rowzaneh Publications Co.
    8. In the Realm of Saadi: A Collection of 365 Poems and Discourses from Saadi (Introduction and Commentaries).2002. Sokhan Publishers.
    9. Divan Hafez (A Critical Edition of Hafez’s Collected Poems). 2003.Peik-e-Oloum Publication.
    10.Selection of Quotations and Poems by Shakespeare (Translation).2003.Elmi-Farhangi Publications Co.
    11.Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Preface and Edition).2003.Peik-e-Oloum Publication.
    12.Selection from Shahnameh by Ferdowsi.2006.Peik-e-Oloum Publication.
    13.Invocations of Komail (Translation from Emam Ali).2006. Yassavoli Publications.
    14.Cultural Symposium (52 Passages from Quran, Literature and Mysticism for Weekly Reviews).2007.Peik-e-Oloum Publication.
    15.In the Realm of Gold: A Collection of 365 Poems and Passages from English Literature (Selection,Translation and Commentaries).2007.Sokhan Publishers.
    16.The Other Wise Man (Translation from Henry van Dyke).2007. Rowzaneh Publications Co.
    17.In the Realm of Rumi: A Collection of 365 Poems and Discourses from Rumi (Introduction and Commentaries).2009. Sokhan Publishers.
    18.Subtleties of Mulla Nasreddin (Introduction and Notes).2010. Rowzaneh Publications Co.
    19.In the Realm of the Quran: A Collection of 365 Passages from Quran (Selection, Persian Translation, Commentaries and Introduction).2011.Sokhan Publishers.
    20.A Treasury of the Familiar: 365 Days with the Persian Poetry, (Selection, Commentaries and Introduction).2013.Sokhan Publishers.
    21.Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Introduction and Commentaries on 40 Quatrains).2015.Mirdashti Publication.
    22.Mystical Passages from Early Persian Prose and Poetry (University Textbook).2016.SAMT Publication.


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