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List of CDs, VHSs, DVDs and Cassettes


A. Temenos Academy-Recorded Lectures (1992-2008, London)

1-     Poetics & aesthetics in the Persian literary tradition(1 cassette)

2-     The mystic outlook on nature in Thoreau & Persian Sufism(1 cassette)

3-     The art and wisdow of storytelling in Rumi,s Mathnawi (5 cassettes)

4-     Philosphical doctrines and spiritual teaching of Rumi (5 cassettes)

5-     The divine nature and mystical message of music in the poetry of Nezami         (1 cassette)

6-     Seven tales under seven domes:The poetry of Nezami (4 cassettes)

7-     The Koran in Persian literature(1 cassette)

8-     The veils of God: a mystical commentary on the poetry of Dr. Kathleen Raine  (1 cassette)

9-     The perpetual clash of Man & Saton in the Book of Kings ( Shahnameh ) of Ferdowsi (1 cassette)




B. Australian Centre for Sufism (2000,NSW)


1-     Rumi the messenger of love (2 CDs)

2-     Sufism poetry and music (1 CD)

3-     An evening with Hafez (2 CDs)

      Also available as VHS



C. The Institute of Ismaili Studies (2000-2001 , London)


1-     The philosophical ethics of Nasir al – din Tusi

2-     Nasir Khosrow,s Divan : An aesthtics approach



D. Iranian Society of Victoria (2003-2004,Melbourne)


1-     The world of happiness & how to attain it (2003)

2-     A night with Rumi and Hafiz (2004)

(H.M.Ghomshei and Paul Smith)

3- Perpetual conflict between man and demon (2004)



E. Elahi Ghomshei Culture & Art Institute


    Many Lectures to be produced & released as CD & DVD including:


1-     Rose and  Nightingale

2-     Saadi and Shakespeare

3-     Rumi : The Art and Wisdom of  Storytelling in Mathnavi

4-     Poetry and Prophecy

5-     Music in Persian Poetry

6-     Rumi: the Messenger of Love

7-     Unity of Being in the Works of  Mohyeddin Arabi and Ebn al- Farez

8-     Mathnavi : A Book for All Ages

9-     An Evening with Hafez

10- Sufism Poetry & Music

11- Advantures in Persian Mysticism

12- Peace, Equity & Justice in Islam

13- The Religion of Love

14- The Symphony of Rumi



F. Lectures in Farsi (Various Titles)


1-     Elmi-Farhangi Publications Co.

52  cassettes ; 2 VHSs; 4 CDs; 4 VCDs

2-     Haft Gonbad Artistic Co.

        28  cassettes;36 CDs

3-     Rowzaneh Publications Co.

10   cassettes on Hafez

4-     Soroush Publications Co.

          2  cassettes

5-  Soroush- e- Sima Organisation

       Many CDs & DVDs

6 -Elahi Ghomshei Culture & Art Institute

          8  cassettes; 3 CDs; 9 DVD

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