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Question 1: I'm a Spanish guy who received a catholic education. I have read many discussions about the existence of God (from a few religions), but I'm still full of doubts about it. In fact, no explanation about the existence of God could convince me yet.

Answer : Argument for the existence of God as a designer of the creation are so strong and so in harmony with the human nature that almost all great minds of mankind confirm it. You can read Albert Einstein ideas in this respect or you can study a book “signature in the cell”.

Question 2: I would like to know what our responsibility is against poverty & oppression existing all in the world.

Answer: Charity begins at home; it is very good to have the universal concerns and considerations but evidently we have to start at home and home may mean our own family or our own town or country. If we succeed to do our responsibilities at home even if we can do nothing at a world level we have at least offered a good example of what is to be done in every country. There is a saying by Mohammad that: “A person who goes to sleep well fed and his neighbor is starving is not my follower.”

Question 3: This is a confused mother who is wondering how to answer her 4-year old son’s questions about GOD! He keeps asking questions about everything as who creates GOD and how? If God created us so who created him? . Please for the sake of GOD let me know how should I answer him not to make any mistake about my creator.

Answer: Your dear intelligent child needs no philosophical argument to know God. Just tell him that "He is Love, and you can see him in the love of your family and all the beautiful and sweet things you find created around you". Show him his Lord everywhere in the wonderful nature around him, and after a few years when he learns reading let him read fairy tales of Anderson and poems of Robert Louis Stevenson for children , if his language is English.

Question 4: I have some English speaking friends who would like to study the Quran. Which English translations would you recommend to read with their meanings being close o the original script?

Answer : English translations by the followings are the most successful translations of the Quran:

1. Abdullah Yousef Ali

2. Arthur J.Arberry

3. George Sale

Question 5: I am really interested in Rumi's poems but I cannot find the original Farsi translation for one the poems that I have crossed with. I have searched many different websites looking for the original Farsi translation but unfortunately I could not find any clue. Is it possible if you could help me out to find the original format for this piece of art please?


You were born with potential.

You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.


Answer: The above passage is not a true translation of any poem by Rumi. It is rather a free interpretation from a number of poems found here and there in Rumi. I'm not sure but the passage might be translated by Coleman Barks very famous in interpreting Rumi's poetry, but you can hardly locate the original poem from his translations. I would recommend you to read the works of Rumi through translations from prof. Arberry  or Prof.Nicholson who have followed the original poem almost word for word.
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